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Thread: RO vs RODI

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    RO vs RODI

    I'm looking at picking up an RO unit for water purification.
    Costco has an RO until for ~$130.
    My question is, what the major differences between RO water and RODI water? Is it worth the extra $$ to get a unit with RODI?

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    the DI stage polishes the water and removes anything that has made it past the RO membrane. for example my tap water has a TDS ( Total Dissolved Solids ) of 135ppm, after the RO membrane 2ppm ( i change it when this number reaches 6 ) and a TDS of 0 after the DI stage. ( i change the DI resin when i get 2 -3 ppm after the DI stage )

    if you're keeping a FOWLR then RO water is usually good enough but if you want to keep corals then i would recommend adding the DI stage. also look into getting a TDS meter so you know when to change your membrane ( ~ 3 years ) and DI resin ( ~ 6 - 8 months depending on the condition of the membrane ), they can be found at most of our sponsors.

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