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    Finding your peppermint shrimp

    I added a peppermint shrimp to my tank about a week and a half ago. I saw him around the tank for about 15 minutes, and then he disappeared. I have not seen him since, nor have I seen a carcas to know he died. Is there any way to confirm if he is still in the tank (alive) or not?

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    just keep looking, try adding some meaty food and see if he comes out. they tend to like the overflow to hide in, so you may try looking in there too.

    good luck

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    Yeah, do you have a sump? If so did you look around in there? What else do you have in the tank? Many hermits, if so they could have taken care of the a dead shrimp so you would never find a thing.

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    I do have a sump, though I have not found him in there. Currently, I have about 27 hermits... so I guess they could have made quick work of the body if he had died.

    In the tank is the hermits, 4 snails, a pair of clowns, and a kupang damsel.

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    Ours hide during the day. We see them with a red lense over a flashlight at night.

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    they are mainly nocturnal.
    When I purchased mine (5), I didn't see any of them for at least 3-4 weeks ! then one night at like 2am, took a flashlight.. tada, they were out in the open.

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