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Thread: critters !

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    critters !

    Ok , so I've had my tank up and running for quite a while now . When I set it up I used an equivilant to south down sand and some used live rock that looked pretty much dead ! My queastion is I hear people talking of pods and critters in their tanks but when I look in mine I find nothing but tons of bristle/ fire worms and was wondering obviously that I didn't get any on the rock . I've read somewhere that you can get recharge kits , does this give you a population of various pods or just benefical bacteria to rejuvenate your tank . I'm trying to keep a heathy tank and without these critters am I falling short ? Please help any info is appreciated !

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    look at night with a flashlight and see if you have a whole little world going on. If you have any fish in your tank you won't see much till dark.

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    AquariaCanada now carries Copepods from ReefCrew that you can use to "recharge" your tank.

    Ask IJO about it.
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    Hiya MapleLeaf.. in my short experience I've had vastly different quality in live rock depending on where I got it from. One was crawling with critters, the other had basic coral growth but otherwise barren! I'd try adding live rock from a different store, (or I hear IJO suppilies good stuff!) Good luck with this awesome hobby.
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    You can also try trading a cup of sand with fellow reefers to diversify / add to your critters!
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