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    A couple of ID's Please.

    Hey guys, just wondering if any of you had an idea of what these few things are.... Thanks!

    This is a turbo snail, but it has some sort of creature that has a shell, its been on the turbos shell since we got it, you can see it lift up a mm or so but then clamps tight back onto the turbo, the shell of the creature fits perfectly in between the notches on the turbos shell

    This look like some sort of see-through mushroom/leaf???, quite a few in the tank.

    And this looks like some type of fungus??? a couple patches growing in the tank...

    Thanks for your help!

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    I have seen the thing on the back of the astrea snail that you have pictured but to be honest I have no idea what they are.

    I may know what some of the other items in your tank are though.

    In your second pic of your snail there is a fern like green algae on the rock that looks like bryopsis.

    In your third pic, the thin brown wafer would appear to be some type of Lobophora (scroll algae).

    In your last pic the brown/red algae would al appear to be another type of Lobophora. Right next to it near the gravel there is also a red branching algae that would appear to be Hypnea Pannosa.
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    thanks redbelly!

    We also have one more that we just discovered today, looks like some sort of bristle worm maybe? we know its at least an inch long half the top half(assuming its the head) is red and the bottom half black, it has white thigns that almost look fury coming out the side (most likely legs or some sort)
    Is it good or should we remove it next time we see it???

    right in the middle of the pic, coming out of a hole in the LR.

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    just a common bristle worm, nothing to be worried about. :b6:

    PS if you've seen one, there are a hundred in there.

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    really? thats crazy first time in the 3 months the tanks been up we've seen one

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