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    Adding Live Rock to tank

    1.) I have a 75 gallon FOWLR with 40lbs of live rock and a Rena XP4 packed with ceramic rings. I bought 30lbs of live rock but it was out of water for about 48 hours. Then I added it in a cooler with a pump and its been underwater now for about 24 hours. If I just add this to my tank will my levels go crazy???

    2.) If I add too much live rock how long will it take for a ammonia to spike?? a few hours?? days ???? because I added about 15lbs of it to my Display tank yesterday and nothing has happend yet, does that mean it won't cause any changes???

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    by out of water for 48 hours, was it covered with newspapers and kept somewhat moist in some way? or kept completely out of water for that long? I would have let it cycle in that cooler and check my paramaters over the course of a week or two to make sure there was no die off before putting it in the tank.

    Ammonia very slowly rises for about 12 days (peaking at around day 12), and then falls. nitrite is close with it, and slowly falls aswell. Nitrate starts at about day 9.

    The 15 lbs you added probably wans't too much to really impact your tank that is already cycled. It could probably deal with it. But 40 lbs should cycle seperately from your tank until your parameters are zero. The timeframe as a lot to do with how much die off you'll encounter.
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    i agree, you should try to cure the new LR in the cooler first and watch the params in the tank and cooler to be sure nothing is going wrong. i have gotten away adding a few pieces to my display but i have a lot more LR to help keep the params good.

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