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    Hi guys long time no talk. I have a question I'm buying a purelyh20 rodi unit. And was wondering if it is a good deal for what I'm getting. This is what I'm getting...
    1- A -Dual Inline TDS meter
    2- Automated Add On Kit
    Complete automation upgrade kit w/all plastic float valve, automatic shut-off kit and 12 feet of 1/4" tubing turns any manual system into complete auto top off system.
    3- Drinking water add on kit
    This kit comes with everything you need to convert your RO DI system into a Drinking water system.
    4- The V Series 75 GPD RO DI System
    Our new V series RO DI system is the perfect answer for the reefer on a budget. This system produces 75 gallons per day of ultra pure RO DI water, Gauranteed! For a limited time the V series RO DI includes a free Built in percent monitor so you can see the results yourself!

    Stage 1: 1 micron sediment filter
    Stage 2: 1 micron solid carbon block
    Stage 3: 75 gpd RO element
    Stage 4 : 8 inch DI
    John Guest tube and fittings
    Plastic bracket (No Rust!)
    PSI tested up to 110 psi Non Cycle
    Shipping Dimensions 16" x 10" x 16

    1/4 inch Quick connect fittings
    Internal flow restrictor
    Built in percent monitor
    Garden Hose Adaptor

    Well thats everything I would get everything for $245.00. So what does everyone think of that. Any comments or suggestions on this would be nice. Thanks in advance... :048:

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    purelyh20 has a good reputation for building solid units... I would contact Patrick from Ottawa inverts before going forward with this purchase(he is one of their resellers).


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    Hey Rayzzfish,
    I would save up a bit and get one of the optima line.
    The horizontal DI on the V series is not as efficient. As with any horizontal DI you get a channeling of water in the DI that only uses up a part of it. I cant count the number of times i have seen the clear horizontal DI resin chambers have a line of spent orange resin in them and the rest of the DI resin is completely untouched and green.
    If the optima fall outside of your budget then the V series is still a good unit with very high quality membranes/cartridges, I would just look at upgrading to an vertical DI in the future when your budget does permit it.
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    Hi; gang
    I took your advice redbelly and bought the optima series. I bought everything the same as my first post but the optima. It is a very nice unit. I bought the auto top off kit, and they seem to put it all together for me. Same as the drinking water kit. All put on before I got it. I think that was great.. The only thing I didn't care for is I did not get any instructions on how to install any of it. I was wondering if you could help me out with that redbelly. Or anyone else could. Thanks for your help in advance.... :b15:

    I added some pictures to show what I recieved...
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    if you need anything give me a shout!

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