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Thread: tank cycle

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    tank cycle

    i started cycling my tank about 24 hours ago and when i came home today i noticed a tiny snail trying to clean my glass. just wondering if this normal or has it maybe passed the spike. i dont have any test kits here cuz i didnt think i needed them just yet. might have to make a trip to the lfs tonite:b9:


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    do you think it came off some liver rock????

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    Hey reefaddicted,

    If you only started cycling 24 hours ago, your tank has definitely not spiked yet. It will take at least 4 weeks to cycle, but normally takes around 6 weeks. Is the snail the only livestock on your tank?
    I would recommend getting the test kits asap, at least pH, ammonia, nitrate and nitrite to start.
    Good luck!
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    yea it had to have been from the live rock cuz thats the only thing i put in i just thought that the snail would have died from the ammonia? it was tested this morning and it read 3ppm (amm) but its not mine. i do have a ph kit and its sitting at 8.2. it also looks like someting else is growing kinda like 3 tiny heads of frogspawn but not the right colouration. its a light blue/grey colour with 2 white dots at the end of each head. ill try and get a pic with my cheapo digital camera.

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    This is a perfect time to start testing and learning as you go. You can also use this waiting period to examine your liverock for any nasty hitch hikers, especially at night with a flashlight! Just keep in mind that probably 90% of the critters you see are beneficial, so don't freak out ! Good luck, and be patient.


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    Stay away from the fish stores for the next couple of months. The longer you let your tank mature now the better it will go when you start stocking. As suggested this is the best time to start working with test kits (ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, for now), doing lots of reading and researching the fish you really want or don't want. All of this will lead to better success.

    Have fun and be patient.
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    If the live rock you bought was already cured, you may not see a cycle at all, or a mini-cycle with reduced effects. But if you are detecting ammonia, a cycle IS happening and you should wait until at least the nitrite reading return to zero before it is safe to add anything else. The tiny snail is just a hitchhiker and there is no cause for concern, but he will likely not survive the cycle, and you just have to let nature run its course.
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