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    Question Need help with a skimmer?

    I am just starting into this great hobby. I've purchased a 125G aquarium and a FX5 filter. I plan on having a live rock fish only setup. Can you suggest a good hang on skimmer? (Octopus DBH-300?)

    Thanks in advance

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    If it were me I'd get the tank drilled and use a sump. Everyone that doesn't go this route to begin with wishes they had. Depending on your local, it may cost 20-40$ a hole. The benefits of running a sump FAR outweigh a non sumped system.

    As far as using the FX5, I wouldn't use it for anything other then running carbon a few days of the month. Unless you clean it every 2-3 days over time it will become a nitrate trap and pollute your water.

    For the skimmer... it all depends on how much you have to spend. This is the one piece of equipment that you should spend a lot of money on.

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    I agree with Dark on the sump but if it's not an option then Octopus is a great HOB skimmer. There is a lot of crap out there so be careful when you do your research. I say this after paying $250 for a Coralife in sump 220 super skimmer venturi. After 1 1/2 yrs messing with it I'm going to put my money into either a Tunze 9010 or an Octopus.

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    You can find turboflotter multis online all the time for sale. A good performer and will deal just fine with a fish only system. Better than running the canister filter, you could pick up a phosban reactor to run carbon through, and hang it on the tank. These two would be fine for that tank as long as you didn't go crazy stocking and feeding.

    Good luck


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    Thanks to all for the input. Greatly appreciated.

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    I have an AquaC EV-120 that works very well (in-sump) for my 125G. Prior to this I had a hang on (Remora Pro) on a 70G. The micro-bubbles in the tank made me crazy even with the "bubble trap".

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