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    which refractometer???

    Hey everyone!

    We finally going to pick up a refractometer. we're wondering what we should be looking for(or are they all the same) we know we want one with Auto Temp compensation, but anyhting else? and can anyone direct us to one to purchase on the net?


    also we heard that we should buy the pinpoint fluid for calibration, I guess it works better???? anyone heard of this?

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    Aqua Valley, Marinescape and Ottawa Inverts carry refractometers... I am sure one of them would be willing to ship if your unable to pickup.


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    are there different types (brands) of refractometers?

    we always see the silver one pictured on all online sites, is this the one most get?

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    should be fine.

    it can be calibrated and has temp compensation.

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