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    ARGH! Foiled by the LFS rant..

    Should've known better!
    Due to the ich, I can't put any fish in my tank for another month so I decided to get a sea star to help with cleanup..
    Go to the LFS looking for a blue star for my reef tank.. she tells me they have one but I would be much better off with one in another tank as the blue stars like to hide out and you never see them..
    Star looks neat so I shell out 50$ for him.. get home, acclimate, put him in the tank and all is honky dory. Go online to find out more than what the LFS lady told me about the little guy and the first thing I see.. "Chocolate Chip Stars are NOT REEF SAFE"!!
    I know better.. I do.. I personally should have researched before buying instead of taking her word for it. I am totally choked.
    Then was talking with a fellow marine aquarist in town and found out she did the same thing to them with a CC star!
    So I expect my snails will become escargot.. he hasn't bothered my Coral Banded Shrimp or the crabs.. yet.. anyone foresee this happening? Thankfully I do not have any clams, coral etc.. I guess I'm going to end up with a 20gal non reef tank and my main will be reef inhabited. I probably would have had to do this in the beginning anyway as I have the coral banded shrimp.
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    Honestly, I would bring it back. Thats beyond bad advise on their part and the only way to get them to change is for someone to say something to them. At a bare min i would want my money back. $50 for a CC star is crazy!

    Linkia are not exactly easy to keep though.
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    I'll go one further than patrick, the only starfish suitable for tank life is the serpent star. even then you have to get the right one and it should be a large tank. all other startfish do not belong in the hobby IMO.
    linkeas have a terrible terrible survival rate ! there diet is not yet known
    I've seen some of the most experienced keepers have only a 1 year success rate. check out this months TOTM on REEFCENTRAL he has a blurb about them as well.

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    Green serpent stars have a bit of a bad rep. I swear by the black brittle stars as part of the scavenger clean-up crew. I've had one in my 55 gallon that is at least 5 years old now, and I have three in my 120. Never a problem.

    Take the CC star back. The are not considered reef safe because they eat coral.

    Don't bother with any of the Linkia or Fromia species. Difficult to keep, espcially with a new tank.

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    good advice, take him back and never let the LFS tell you what will be good in your tank. that's what we're for :b2:

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    but escargo with butter ain't bad.. lol
    ya.. bring that thing back.. if they dont want it back.. then to the sump until you find someone to take it.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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