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    Purchase pre setup tank or start from scratch

    Hi im new to the forum but im in the process of purchasing an aquarium that has ran for 7years. But my wife wants to start from scratch to enjoy the whole experience of new things growing any suggestion on witch one would be better?

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    Hiya and welcome!

    Can you please post the spec's of the tank you're thinking about purchasing? Size, equipment, livestock etc..

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    The items

    All that I know is that its a 30 gallon (Oceanic) salt water aquarium. Lots of rock, soft corals and sand. Lights, protein skimmer, jet flow, heater, stand, all accessories. There is 1 fish a Royal Gramma. I know that im saving some money.But I just dont want to miss out on any excitment of starting your own and need a little guidance.

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    Well having recently set up my first tank I can tell you it's a lot of research, work, time and cost. I've made mistakes and stressed along the way..
    That being said setting up your own sure gives one a sense of accomplishment and you can be sure you're setting it up correctly.
    Do you know what it would cost to purchase everything included with the 30gal?
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    From going to varius local fish stores I added almost $1000.00 in starting cost for a 30gal. The aquarium im looking at is 1/3 that price.

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    You will definatey save if you buy someones tank when they are getting out of the hobby there is no question about that.
    A lot of the time though you end up inheriting their mistakes and problems.

    Some people get out of the hobby as they jut dont have the time at that point in their life.

    Others may leave the hobby because they spent a lot of money on the wrong equipment and were never really successful with their aquarium. I am not saying this is the case here though..

    Can you give us some more details about this aquarium you are looking at please.
    What kind of lights?
    Age of light?
    Skimmer brand and size?
    What type of pumps?
    Is there a sump?
    How much live rock?
    Hydrometer or Refractometer?

    Can you post a couple pics?
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    C'mon! We already went through this lol, several times. Without a doubt in my mind, and the amount of money that we have spend - buying an already established tank for the amount being asked if a steal. Not only have you been going about it the right way (doing your research, asking a bagillion questions, going to the stores) but both Caroline and I would love to help you out.
    I was a little weary at first, its a lot of care and responsibility. But its a lot of fun, and relaxing as hell, if hell were relaxing that is..

    Also, this forum is great. I've noticed that everyone here is eager to help out when you post a question. Tomorrow at lunch we'll go check out the tank, and I'll let you know if its worth it lol
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    getting someone already in the hobby to check the tank is always a good idea before buying an already setup system. You don't want to spend a lot of money on someone else's headache.

    If you buy everything brand new from a LFS and set it up yourself it will definitely cost more. The better idea is to get the tank you want (usually best to buy this new) and then wait for store sales or buy stuff used from people getting out of the hobby.

    Good luck and if you can get more details on the setup you are looking at definitely post them we can all give you our $0.02.
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    Thanks everyone for your input im going to go look at the tank with an experience person so if I get it I will definitely post pics.

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    I'm with Redbelly on this,
    buying used you usually get crazy deals, thats what I did with just about everything in my setup. but you may end up with older equip that may not be upto date etc. for sure there will be things to upgrade. but for a few hundred dollars.. and also, you got someone willing to help you and check the tank out.. I think you can't go wrong. either way, its not going to be your last tank.. he he he.. ask around, everybody upgrades over time


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