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    I'm carrying along picking up equipment for my 135g. reef tank.I ordered a custom built sump with a Euroreef skimmer and auto top-up system,lights are 110w actinic vho+2 sets 2/54w t5's,heaters and Tunze powerheads with controller.Live rock and sand I'll get when I'm ready,my question is what reactors are good to get.I don't quite get the reason to have a Kalkwasser and calcium reactor and what about phosban reactors,ozonators etc. and all the other extra stuff some set-ups have,are they needed.Everything has been quite inexpensive, so far,what should I spend money on that would make my initial start up the easiest to deal with.Thanks Greg.

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    I dont have a Calcium Reactor in my system cause i do somewhat regular water change and i went with a Kalk reactor instead.

    after i did though i sorta fell like, whats the point. i could just have a 5 gal bucket and a aqualift pump hooked up to my ATO and basically do somewhat the same thing. i only have to manually stir it.

    as for Phosban reactor, i love that thing. i used to have phosphate problems from feeding frozen foods and after that ive been testing 0 since. and they are cheap, 50 for reactor and 20 for pump. could find use ones too.

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    a phosban reactor would be an excellent purchase, especially to have installed and running once your tank is setup... There will be high phosphates during the cycling. You've already been purchase some very good equipment. You can actually just T off your main pump to your phosban reactor, as it requires little flow. This way you won't need an extra pump, and the two little fishies reactor would work fine for your size of tank. But you could go with a larger sized reactor, such as the ones made my deltec if you're really fussy, but i don't think it would be necessary.
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