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    does anyone know this type of fish

    I picked up a fish only aquarium with a unicorn tang and this fish (picture below) I cant figure out what it is. I thought it was a watchman Goby, can anyone confirm? I want to know because I'm turning the tank into a reef tank and want to know if its safe.
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    This is a hawkfish.

    they usually color up more then that.. must be stressed out from the transfer.


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    yup... looks like a hawkfish

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    do you wanna know if its reef safe ? actually i do have a flame hawk nice color, however its said on possible to eat small shrimp or small fish so its 50%50 and as far as i know it doen't nip or eat any corals its just love to hang on my sps branches look good though. well i will keep it on eye my flame hawk for my pair cleaner shrimp.:b15:

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    Corals yes, shrimp no. I believe the one in the first picture is a Pixy Hawkfish and the one that Liv attached is a Spotted Hawkfish.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swiseman View Post
    Corals yes, shrimp no. I believe the one in the first picture is a Pixy Hawkfish and the one that Liv attached is a Spotted Hawkfish.
    I'll second Swiseman on that, it's a pixy hawk. The only problem with that one is that it sits for long periods on your corals. If you have lots of SPS then your going to piss them off somewhat. I would just watch it to see if it annoys any of your corals.
    Good luck

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    thanks everyone for your help!!

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