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Thread: Bad Experience?

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    Bad Experience?

    Hey guys,I was just wondering if anyone had any bad experiences with "Marinescape" on Carling ave?
    Bought 2VHO bulbs,one doesnt fire and the other now only glows dimly (was firing bright) all my connections seem fine..

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    Cool fishy

    MARINESCAPE don't make the lamps [but ya knew that} and they are a very good LFS. something is up with your ballast or possible the metal parts inside the endcaps might have some corrosion so when you replaces the lamps the pins didn't line up exactly were the old lamps were and therefore are sitting on a corroded part making a crappy contact. I would take the lamps out and inspect the metal clips. You might need to stick a small piece of sandpaper in there and give a little scrub. Its happened to me. Actually, I've blown a lamp by moisture rolling down the lamp at night and leaching inside the endcap[there not that water tight]. hope this helps fishy! let us know what the prob was.

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    Thanks Johnny,however...My ballast is right out of the box (ordered a WH7 from litemor last week) and the endcaps were purchased when I got the bulbs (140 smakers all together) I was just wondering if the bulbs are the problem,will they replace them?

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    i ad a problem with mines and i call MS and the would replace the lamps but after looking at my connections the problem was not the lamps but my connections

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    If the bulbs look new and the bulb dont light up, could be a problem with the wiring or ballast.

    If you draw your hands along the bulb does it produce a dim light?, if so your sockets are not wired properly.

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