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    Overflow question...


    We just obtained a setup, and I've hit a mental block...

    I'm setting the overflow box up, and I have no idea how to "prime" the tube the goes from the in-tank box to the overflow box... Could someone plese provide some insight?... I have attached a couple of pics.. We also have some "spare parts", particularly the grey box in the last picture... Thoughts on what this is?..

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    Figured it out...

    Google is your friend! Figured out how to prime the overflow, and the system is running now...

    Still not sure about the leftover grey piece 'tho..


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    i'm not sure what the grey piece is for but you better check and see what happens when the power goes out and turns back on. if you lose the prime ( when the power goes out ) and the power comes back on and starts pumping water up to the tank you're going to have a big mess.

    you should consider using an overflow with a self priming feature or drill the tank to be safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by a4twenty View Post
    you should consider using an overflow with a self priming feature or drill the tank to be safe.
    Drilling is the best option.

    When I Was using a siphon overflow I drilled a hole in the top of the siphon tube, glued in a piece of rigid air tube, and stuck it into the intake of a power head which I tossed into the back of the main tank. It constantly sucked a bit of water out of the top of the siphon. It would also suck out any air that ended up in the siphon tube (which WILL happen and WILL eventually break the siphon.) This works as long as you've got a baffle in the outside box to hold water around the bottom of the siphon.

    Is that clear or does anyone want a schematic?

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    The gray box looks a lot like the bubble trap that comes with a Coralife Super Skimmer. If anything, you can use it on your return line.

    With a syphon type overflow, please consider adding a "high water shutoff" to your return pump. If the water gets too high in your display tank (say if the syphon fails or doesn't start right after a power outtage) the return pump will not empty your sump into your room.

    Drilling is a much more reliable way to have an overflow. A well placed snail or cucumber can still cause problems, but, the odds of failure are much lower.
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    Quote Originally Posted by a4twenty View Post
    you should consider using an overflow with a self priming feature or drill the tank to be safe.

    Well, the box on the outside is a dual chamber arrangement, so it should maintain prime as long as neither the inside box, nor the baffle chamber in the outside box fails... There's a "fence" around the inside box, but that's never been something to stop an industrious (and stupid) snail from making things interesting... I'm thinking of building an emergency "wet shutoff" in cases where we get an overflow of either the sump or the main tank...

    These guys have a pretty good digital product, that with a little bit of coding can be tied into a control system like X10 to initiate a shutdown...

    I can't post the URL yet, so the name of the outfit it Sensatronics..

    I've used 'em at work and they're very reliable..


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