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    Stocking Suggestions

    I have a 4 month old 38G Mixed SPS/LPS Reef tank, currently have only two fish in there right now a Watchman Goby and a Ocellaris Clownfish and I planning on getting another Ocellaris Clownfish soon. I am trying to decided what other fish I would like to have in my tank and if they are all compatible. After the other clown fish I thinking of adding 3 (4 if they are smaller fish) fish for a total of 6(or 7) fish in the tank.

    Here is a list of fish I currently would not mind having.
    Royal Gramma Basslet
    Purple Firefish
    Green Clown Goby
    Atlantic Pygmy Angel
    Six Line Wrasse
    Banggai Cardinalfish

    Other Inverts in the tank:
    3 Peppermint shrimp
    Pistol Shrimp
    Cleaner Shrimp
    Tuxedo Urchin
    Porcelain Crab

    What do you think would be a good combination of fish that would get along together and fit in my tank?

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    id go royal gramma, they are such eye candy
    cardinals, they love to school when in bunches.
    six line wrass are great cauz they are always moving.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    I've been thinking of adding a royal gramma to my setup aswell... they are a bit on the agressive side but definately a nice addition.

    I would stay away from the cardinals unless you want to add 5 of them.. they are very nice in schools but act like a fresh water fish(they like to hover in one place).

    The six line is a great addition... nothing seems to bother then... they are not agressive and love to swim!! With a tank your size.. I would stick to one wrasse(the yellow wrasse is also nice).

    A pair of purple firefish is nice fish with great color... they will hang in one area... flicking their top fin at each other.

    Green Clown Goby... I don't like these types of gobies... your limited on the number of fish you can add to your system plus these guys just sit around perched on a coral all day.

    Atlantic Pygmy Angel: nice fish but be careful with angels... they like to nip at corals... even if they don't eat/kill them... they do bother them enough to stop them from fully opening.


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    So 2 weeks ago I piked up a nice purple fire fish. He was really nice colour but did not swim around that much. Unfortunately on Thirsday he disappeared overnight I found what was left of him on Friday eventing :b1:
    I do not know what went wrong with him he was eating fine and looking good He just ended up dead and being eating by my crabs and shrimp.

    I am still looking for other cool fish I could put in my tank. I think now I deffintly would like a six line but everyone tells me to add him into the tank last. I am thinking I would like a tank with fish that swim allot (not to much hovering). So what do you guys thing would be a good next fish to put in the tank?

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    Sucks that the fish died. Where did you get it? Maybe they'd give you a store credit. Its hard to find a small active fish for a tank your size.

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    I got it from Marinescape. But there was not too much of it left.

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    What about a Bicolor blenny or bar goby. Small and have good personalities

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