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    Too much Calcium?

    Would a high Calcium rating in my tank cause my turbo snails to keel over?

    I finally bought a calcium test kit and realized it was really high from adding to much Liquid Calcium for my coral

    I did a 25% water change and tested it again and it is where it should be now. But I was just wondering, cause my snails seem to not last very long at all
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    how high was it?

    this is why you should never dose anything you are not testing for.

    i don't think it would cause you snails to die but you would probably see some precip., snails usually don't last long when there are higher than normal nitrates.

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    It said that tanks should be in between 400 - 500 and mine was at 650.

    It was at 450ish after the water change
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    Yeah that is high. You will want to test you alkalinity as the abnormally high calcium levels will reduce you carbonate alkalinity.
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    ya.. alk is most likely the culprit.. not the calcium.

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    I say check your triangle... Alk, Ca, PH. I agree with Liv, the PH (related to Alk) is likely your culprit. With that high Ca your PH will be adversely affected. Juicy critters can't handle that.

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