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Thread: ids please

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    ids please

    i found a couple things in my tank last nite and was wondering if anyone knows what they are.
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    Id sat the 3rd and 4th pics are on abolone. The others are too blurry.

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    Pics 3 and 4 it's seems like stomatella snails. They are good guys. They usually only come out at night

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chipie View Post
    Pics 3 and 4 it's seems like stomatella snails.
    That's what I would have guessed. I like my stomatellas.

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    I agree the last two pics are stomatella snails, as for the first pic, while I can not identifiy it I can tell you that I have something similar living in a burrow in my favia coral. If I'm right then the small filaments that protrude from the head are almost illuminescent in the way they reflect light. Mine has't seemed to have caused any trouble as I have known about it for a good 6 months now. Wish we could I.D. this thing though. I will try to get a shot of it if it's out when I get home tonight though for comparison.
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    i have to agree with you reefgeek, mine has a blue and green sparkle to it. the body of it is a cream colour and is about 1/2 inch and the filaments are also about the same size. mine seems to fully extend at night only and has turned itself around now and is now coming out the other side of the rock. one morning i found a red hitchhiker crab dead right under where it is but i cant confirm if it did it. i dont know what else could of done it, i tested my water that morning and everything was in check. if i can get my hands on a better camera, i try to post more pics.


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    here are a couple more things that i have found. the first one opens and closes its shell but other then that it just sits there.
    the second one is some type of worm and i was wondering if it is harmless or not?
    the third one i think is a fireworm, i have seen him come out about an inch and i was just wondering if i should try to remove him?

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    the first looks to be some type of oyster or scallop, more than likely a harmless filter feeder.

    second could be a worm but also looks a bit like a brittle star tentacle, i've had several mini stars like that in my sump, i'll look for an old pic.

    hard to say if the last one is a fire worm ( the thumbnail is better than the pic ) but it does look like it and i would yank it just to be safe.

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