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    Starting new tank

    I just sort of stumbled acroos saltwater tanks..i had freshwater tan about 8 years ago with my dad but i would really like to learn about saltwater! I want to set up a 20g tank, and start with just live rock and fish, and once i get the hang of everything i will add some coral.

    My question is, what equipment will i need? What kind of lights, filters, do i need a sump, etc etc.


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    This will depend on your budget. How much you looking to spend? whatever you think you'll spend, multiply it by 3 :b2:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Porcupinepuffer View Post
    This will depend on your budget. How much you looking to spend? whatever you think you'll spend, multiply it by 3 :b2:

    lol, sad but true

    it's best to look ahead a little bit and spend the money properly from the beginning, what type of corals where you thinking of keeping?

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    Welcome to AquariaCanada! :b16:

    The best method is to decide what you want to keep in the future. If you want fish like tangs or angels you should start with a tank large enough to house them. If you want to keep stoney corals (SPS) then start with lighting for them. When buying equipment and supplies it is cheaper long term to buy for the future then buy cheap now and better later.

    Where abouts are you located? Finding a fellow reefer or two who can show you their setups is the best way to get started IMO. Then ask lots of questions here and we will give you all the help you could want. Just remember that patience is the number 1 rule in saltwater setups.
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