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    Seachem Grey Coast?

    Has anyone tried it? If so, what are your opinions of this product? They have three bags locally on clearance for 8 bucks a bag, and I'm thinking of picking it up

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    Never heard of it... What is it for?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IJO View Post
    Never heard of it... What is it for?

    it's a substrate made from calcite rather than aragonite the only thing i don't like about it is the colour. it's grey but is just as good of a substrate as aragonite, i always just thought it looked dirty.

    i've never used it Melenbob but there's nothing wrong with it, if you like the look of it. i prefer a white substrate, it makes the other colours in the tank pop more than a dark substrate.

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    I have it in my 24g and love it. I am also planning to use it in my 120g... once I get the stand levelled.

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