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    Brown copper algae

    Well my tank sprung a leak so I ran to the LFS and bought a new tank. The problem is that I did not wash my substrate when I switched it over(stupid mistake). Now its growing copper/brown algae in different area's of the tank. My question is what will eat it? Or should I remove it myself? All my specs are ok and the old tank ran for about 10 months so its not that the tank did not cycle. Any input would help thanks in advance.

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    try the regular cleaning crew stuff, snails and crabs.
    but its a good idea to also remove teh bigger stuff if you can.

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    You can have our Sea haire when hes all out of food in our tank !

    Im sure he will need at least a week...and im not sure i want to have any contact with the poop lookin' creature so you might have to come here and get him your self. Ha Ha Ha

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    Any time that you distrub a sand bed you will cause a cycle in your tank. Even adding a fish will cause a small cycle. I would take out the fish (if possible) and let it run its course. If not keep an eye on your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels. Keep us updated on how the tank is doing.
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