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    I'm new and Lf for a 65g w/ overflow

    hello guys, I,m new to this website! I was wondering if you guys could help me finding a 65g with an overflow?! I would appreciat that thanx!

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    to Aquaria Canada

    check the classifieds ( from the menu on the left ), or check out one of our sponsors. where are you located??

    120S RR tank with 60G basement sump / fuge

    Return Pump: Little Giant 4-MDQX SC
    Water Movement: MP40W, Seio 1500, (2) Hydor K4's
    Lighting: 400W SE MH with 10K Venture
    Skimmer: Euro-Reef RS250 with gate valve
    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

    My Gallery

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    I'm from Hull

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    I have a 65 gallon drilled for both a closed loop and intank overflow box(was custom made). I never got a chance to set it up and it doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. Let me know if your interested in taking a look at it... I'm also in Hull.


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