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Thread: Bubble algae?

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    Bubble algae?

    I'm picking up a 66g FOWLR tank tomorrow,the price was so cheap I could not say no.The inhabitants are 2 Bangaii Cardinals,1 Bi-colored Angel,1 Yellow cleaner Wrasse,1 Longnosed Hawkfish and a Green Chromis.It also includes 40lbs.of LR and 40lbs.of live sand and equipment,skimmer,powerheads etc.My plan is to switch everything to my 135g after I seed some 60lbs of base rock with some LR,I'll purchase some other LR for this process,and get everything cycled.The problem at this point is the LR in the tank is covered in large amounts of bubble algae,I'd like to get rid of it before I introduce it to my new135g.Obviously I have a lot of time,seeding the rock and cycling the 135 will take months.I'm wondering should I remove some pieces of the rock manually clean it,leave some to keep the parameters in check,then put it in with the curing rock and let it aid in seeding the base rock,then clean the last rock just before I transfer all to the new tank.Any thoughts?Maybe there is another way to deal with this algae infestation? Thanks Greg

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    I would cook it in the dark for 6-8weeks. That will give bacteria the upper hand and consume it all.

    Do a 100% water change every week and be amazed how much junk comes off that live rock.
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