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    Lighting hqi

    I have a 200 gallon setup in 4 tanks
    90 50 30 and a 30 breeder all connected via 2 in drilled holes.
    I also have a large sump.
    the 90 and 50 have t5 lighting
    I am wanting to add lights to the 2 new 30 gallon tanks
    3feet 12 inches and 18 in deep
    and 3 feet 18 inches and 12 in deep

    i am currious as these will be 2 zoanthid grow out tanks what is the best lighting i can place on them i want to go with Metal halide but the wattage is what bothers me is 150 better then 200 watts as these are not very deep
    also what type is the best kinda bulb i want to use 2 mogals.

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    i haven't seen any 200W halides???

    for that depth of tank and what you want to keep the 150's will be just fine. as for what bulb that will depend on what colour your looking for.

    will the be stand alone? or have actinics ???

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    Welcome to AquariaCanada!

    Personally I would probably stick with the T5's over the 30g tanks. 150w MH's would be okay but they are more limited in bulb choices, 250w MH's have more bulb selection but also more heat and more power consumption.

    Would love to see some pics of your setup.
    Upgrade in the works! Keep looking for an update.

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