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    "Black Fluorescent"

    Hi has anyone ever try using Black fluorescent lights? I hear that it will make your corals glow. Wonder if it has any ill effect?

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingFisher.905 View Post
    Hi has anyone ever try using Black fluorescent lights? I hear that it will make your corals glow. Wonder if it has any ill effect?
    I don't think it will have any adverse effect on the coral, obviously that being said i would not leave it on 24/7 but rather just for viewing only as I don't think the light would provide adequate light spectrum for coral growth unless used with a combination of other bulbs.
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    What you need are actnic lights. They have the same colour popping effect and are often confused with black lights. They're also the right colour spectrum to help your corals grow.

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    the black lights are great to show colors, but what you need are actinics.
    you can still setup some black lights for a quick light show or to supplement during the day.. do not run these at nights, as corals will think its still day time and will stress them.

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    As you can see, with my 3 post count, I don't have much experience with fish. But I do study biochem. Wavelenght and radiation being some of the subjects. A black light is basicly a UV emiting lamp, although it's range is in the lower energy of the UV spectrum. So it is the "safest" in the UV rays. Concidered "safer", they are still UV rays that are emitted. Having said that, there shouldn't be any problem when used in moderation.

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    i have to agree with the others, may make the coral look nice but you will still need to give them the proper spectrum and strength for growth.

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