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    Plumbing Part Questions?

    Not to long ago I posted a question about getting a sump tank, so I finally decided to get my tank drill since every suggested it was better than a overflow box which has a tendency to fail. I was able to find a place that will do it for $20 per hole over at Aquatic Kingdom. Now my question is what are the different parts and there functions and how to best utilize them here are the following:

    1. PVC or Flex tube?
    2. Slip adapters?
    3. Insert adapters?
    4. Ball valves?
    5. Gate valves?
    6. Slip bulkhead?
    7. Double threaded bulkhead?
    8. Check valves?
    9. Union?
    10.Insert elbow?
    11.Union connectors
    12.Tee Connectors?
    13.Reducer Bushings?
    15.Barbed Y inserts?

    I may of missed some other parts please fill me in if I did. Also yesterday I had a question about using black flurescent. I saw some black novelty light and thinking what would happen if I were to use them?


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    -Flex for the smaller diamerter (1/2 and 3/4 is good)... anything bigger is too hard to work with.
    -Ball valves to stop the flow... not control it
    -Gate values to control
    -unions and ball values before and after the main pump(in case you need to remove the pump from the system to clean/replace)
    -stay away from barb fittings
    -I like slip inserts... easier to assemble but you'll need to cut when removed
    -when putting everything together... smear both parts with glue... insert... twsit 1/4 inch and wide excess with a rage.


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    it will be easier if you just tell / show us what you want to do and we can suggest the parts you will need. most of these you wont need but here we go :b16:

    1. rigid or flexible pipe used for plumbing
    2. slip refers to the way the pipe is attached ( glued ), adaptor switches slip to thread
    3. insert adaptor is to switch from a barbed end to thread
    4. a valve that uses a ball to control flow
    5. a valve that uses a sliding "gate" to control flow ( better )
    6. slip refers to how the pipe is attached, a bulkhead is used to pass through the side of the tank.
    7. threaded refer to how the pipe is attached, a bulkhead is used to pass through the side of the tank
    8. not used but is supposed to stop water from flowing back
    9. a fitting that allows you to take apart your plumbing, useful to remove a pump without having to cut.
    10. insert usually barbed end, with an 90 elbow
    11. same as union
    12. allows 3 pipes to be connected together in a 'T'
    13. reducer bushings slide into or on to one size pipe / fitting to reduce ( or increase ) the diameter of pipe
    14. couplings are used to join to pieces of the same sized pipe together
    15. used to join 3 pipes together with barbed ends and gear clamps in a 'Y'

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