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    Protein skimmer

    What is the average amount of water that gets skimmed that enters the sump? 90 gallon tank moving 3-5 times per hour, the reason why is I only want for small % of the water going through my refug. My sump is set up protein skimmer, refug, return. I was going to have 25% of the water going to the skimmer and the rest to a bubble trap in the return, will this work, and how effective will this be? I just dont want the skimmer to go dry, and at the same time haveing way to much going through the refug.


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    interesting question and very hard to answer. i wouldn't worry about the skimmer going dry as long as the system is plumbed properly. there should be no problem allowing all the water to travel through your fuge but if you want full control maybe try another sump setup. here's a sketch of mine, this setup allow me to fully shut off or control the amount of water through the fuge.

    you could also try

    refugium --> skimmer --> return

    but we don't like to skim the critters from the fuge, they should have a direct path to the tank.


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