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    So, I'm bringing back up a system that was mothballed about 5 years ago after a major die-off due to failed lift-pump while traveling. Unfortunately I can't seem to find at least some of my boxes, some of which contained the DSB which wasn't cheap and I'm not particularly eagar to go out and buy another 200# of sand.

    All the postings about Southdown Tropical Play sand seem to be 4-5 years old now and it was all-the-rage (if you could find a local supply) at the time I set things up, I ended up spending the cash on the more expensive locally available aragonite sands though.

    Are there any reasonable calcium based options for us today? I'm in Ottawa but I do drive as far as Boston and New Paltz, NY from time to time and could pick up something there if I could just figure out what was out there.


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    I remember back in the day going over to the Home Depot in Syracuse and bringing back 800 pounds of the stuff. Between myself and a few friends it didn't last very long, at that time a 50 pound bag cost 3.50 USD.

    If you do a search you will find some people have used Bomix White Playsand (from Rona) as an alternative. I haven't used it myself, but I do plan on trying to find some for a DIY live rock project later on this spring. HTH

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    I used the bomix sand for a while but was glad to be rid of the stuff. I certainly would not recommend it to anyone, other the possible as an argronite adder.

    What you will find is that many people are now going bare bottom or are putting in Remote Deep sand beds that can be removed or isolated from the main tank, and in an area where no fish can dig and disturb it. Personally if you are thinking a DSB or RDSB I would stick with the argonite. It is expensive but if you are patient you can usually find some from tank teardowns, that just needs a really good washing.
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    i have contemplated using other sand many times but always decide to use the regular aragonite in the end. it may be worth looking at lowes or HD when your in the states but i haven't heard much about southdown sand in a while.

    good luck

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