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Thread: "Mighty Putty"

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    "Mighty Putty"

    Hi has anyone used this product? Is it aquarium safe could it be used to mount rocks and decor?


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    I used some 2 part marine epoxy.. its sold by or sponsors.
    it usually in the form of a tube, it has a green or blue exterior color and a white centre. you must mix both parts together and set into place.
    it works ok.
    What are you trying to attach ?
    if its rock, it works ok, if its for frags, I find crazy glue gel the best.

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    I would stick to the aquarium epoxy if it is in your tank. Even with the aquarium rated stuff I would only use small amounts at a time if your tank is already up and running. There is one brand that actually mixes to a purple color instead of white so it blends in sooner, I found the epoxy too forever to purple up.
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    I use the purple stuff all the time. Works great.

    I don't know if Billy May's Mighty Putty is reef safe. I suspect it's all the same stuff, but why risk it.

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    It sure looks like the same stuff, but I use the Two-Little-Fishes brand epoxy. I stabilized my rock work with it and I use it to hold LPS in place on the rock. You can get it apart easily enough if you want to.

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