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Thread: mojano infest

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    mojano infest

    so i put my good rock from my 40 into my 75 and set it up, the 100 lbs of mojano infested rock i put in a rubbermaid container, after 3 day it really started to stink like dead body stink. so i moved it outside. it has been a week now i made up a 5g bucket to rinse the rock off and im making more since the water has formed a membrane over the surface and there are about 1000 mojanos on the bottom of the rubbermaid, im letting the rock sit in an empty bucket for a while till my new water is ready.

    any comments, am i doing things that are bad¿

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    First off when storing rock outside you want to make sure it is well covered so that it can pick up environmental contaminants, like your neighbour spraying for weeds, bugs, bird crap, etc.

    If you don't have circulation in the tub you will get a film as stuff from the rock dies and pollutes the water. Now the empty bucket you are storing in, does it also have water?

    As for the actual majeno problem I would start killing them one at a time. You can mix up a kalk mix with some mysis juice and spread it on each polyp. You can also try a syringe with vinegar or joes juice. If you can maintain water quality in the holding tank you could try some peppermint shrimps as well.

    Good luck.
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    if you have a total infestation, you may be better off actually killing the LR and leaching all nutrients from the rock. i know it sounds drastic but it may be the only way rid yourself of these pest and not transfer the nasty stuff ( die off ) to the new tank.


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