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    Exclamation Adding dried out live rock

    im not exactly a beginner, but the question is new to me.

    i have a 20 gallon that has been up and running for almost a year and a half, i only have about 20 lbs of live rock in it and am running out of spots for corals, a friend of mine had a bunch of live rock that was cooking in a container for a while and has now since been dried out, my question is: Is it safe for me to add this dried live rock to my existing aquarium without any problems? would love some info as soon as possible


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    id let it soak in a batch of saltwater ( like the water from a water change ) for a few days.. then run a strong brush over it to remove any left over junk and rince.. then i'd feel ok about putting it in.

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    I would let them soak in another container 5 or so days to make sure things are ok... test the water and if everything looks ok... I would add them to the tank.

    It doesn't take much to crash a 20 gallon tank... definately take your time.


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    i woukd ask how much are you planning to add to the 20g.?if its a lot i would want to cycle it a little and test the cycle water before adding the new rock to the existing 20g.

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    seeing as the rock has dried out completely i would take it one step further and try to leach anything bad from the rock, rather than soaking it in SW. fill a container with RODI, the rock and a power head then leave it for a few days. RODI is very aggressive and always looking for something to bind with, so contaminants will be pulled ( leached ) from the rock. check the water for nitrates and phosphates after a few days, if all is good then add the rock to your tank. if there is anything present, change the water and let soak for another few days, testing, repeating and scrubbing as necessary.


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