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    Beginner Lighting Fixture Question

    This is a real newbie question, any responses are greatly appreciated, here goes;

    Would I be able to mount a 24" compact fluorescent fixture, more specifically, the Coralife 24" 65 Watt Aqualight on my 10 gallon tank
    (20" by 10") ?


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    i'm sure you could build a small frame with a few pieces of wood /screws, then attach the fixture to the frame. you wouldn't be able to have a normal hood on the tank but it should be easy enough.

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    Thanks for the response, I'll keep it in mind, however I've seen two types of mounting legs and I'm wondering if anyone knows if they would work on a smaller tank ( i.e. can they be attached somewhat towards the center of the fixture, or do they have to be attached to the very ends of the lighting fixture?) I can't post URLs yet (only my 2nd post) or I would give links to pictures, but they are the Aqualight legs and/or the Aqualight Adjustable legs.

    Sorry for the questions, I just don't want to purchase the fixture only to not be able to use it.


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    sorry, I can't really help you on that specific question, but you could always make your own brackets like IJO said. even cut some acrylic to fit the fixture, you could then put the brackets where ever you wanted on the tank.

    i'll go mod your profile so you can post links.

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    Here are pictures of the lighting fixture and the mounting legs I had in mind:

    Just to reiterate, I'm hoping to be able to simply attach these legs to the fixture about 2 inches in from each end in order to mount the fixture on a 20" by 10" tank.

    from what I can see in the pictures it appears like it will work without modification, and thanks to those suggestions I can at least fall back to building a makeshift frame if it doesn't, any second opinions on whether these legs will work are appreciated.

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    I flipped the legs around backward on a Coralife unit once for a setup on a tank that was slightly smaller than the fixture.

    here is what it looked like if that helps.

    edit: the legs where hooked on the inside of the lip. I guess the only way you know is to try. The legs I had were solid along the bottom that came with the old Coralife Lunar Aqualight or what ever it was called.
    30" fixture on a 20" tank.
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    It should work fine. As you are probably aware the fixed legs fit into the channel that runs the entire length of the fixture. You can arrange the position of the legs anywhere along the length of the channel from touching in the middle to the very end of the fixture. As long as your tank is not too much longer than the fixture (which is the opposite of your situation) you will be able to adjust the legs to sit on the edge of your tank.

    I'm not sure if the adjustable legs can be adjusted the same way. I had a set but I couldn't find them to check. They broke soon after I installed them. I seem to recall that they fit into the same channel but was a really tight fit which made it difficult to adjust their position from the end of the fixture.

    Hope this is helpful.

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