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    i'm losing the war! help

    for about a year now my 90 gal. fowlr tank has been getting more and more infested with aiptashia's they started ot small but have now taken over almost all the rock work in my tank! i've tried bergia nudibranchs, peppermint shrimp, joes juice and even taking out the rocks and boiling them. they always seem to live. any other suggestions? i'm getting fed up with trying to rid my tank of these guys and am starting to contemplate tearing down the tank all together.
    -frustrated shawn

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    tough problem to beat. Have you tried copperband butterflies?

    I got rid of mine by first using Aiptasia X to target the big and accessible ones. I added about 6 peppermint shrimp within a few days after that and they cleaned up the rest (I had tonnes...I even think some of my fish may have been stung by some and suffered). I dropped the feeding back alot, especially stuff like cyclops-eze. This helped to reduce feeding the aiptasia and also kept the peppermint shrimp hungry. I found that having at least 3 or more shrimp work better than a couple. For your tank, I'd try at least 6 or more.
    Good luck.

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    Shawn, given you have a FOWLR, I would suggest getting a butterfly fish. A copperband, as suggested by Salt-lik is one that may eat them. I have a klein and he polished off the ones in fish only in no time. Some butterflies work better than others.
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    I would agree with Reefmania! Either the Klein, Copperband or Auriga Butterflies would do wonders for your aquarium to get rid of the Aiptasia problem you have. Perhaps I would suggest getting 2 or 3 - that way you would have more luck getting it at least under control.
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    thanks for the replies. yesterday i went back into the tank and took out all my live rock. i scrubbed the aiptashia off that i could see. i mean scrubbed them off right down to the rock. the ones in the cracks and pores i treated with lemon juice. this morning i have a beautiful clean tank. i know those pesky lil flowers will start popping out soon enough but atleast i feel better looking at my tank. btw i am almost sure that my tomini tang gets stung by the aiptashia. as for peppermint shrimp i added 2 about a month ago and they disapeared over night? 2 clownfish,1 tomini tang and a barred goby? don't know what happened to them? i am interested in the butterfly fish idea. they are beautiful fish to watch graze aswell. somebody once told me that the threadfin butterfly was the best most reliable fish to clean up this mess? what do you guys think. i have read forums where people are frustrated because there copperband isn't interested in eating them. thanks again

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    FYI, when trying to eradicate apstasia you should leave the tank lights on for at least 24 hours straight. Lights off (nighttime) will trigger a spawning effect if an apstasia feels stressed or is dying.

    As for the butterfly, or shrimp they are hit and miss. One copperband may eat apstasia all day, the next won't touch it, same with peppermints. The only guaranteed predator is bergai nudibranches which feed exclusive on apstasia, the only problem now is finding a supplier of them.
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