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    need help please

    i am also a user of the other canadian salt water forum

    for soem reason i was bannded.and i cannot get a hold of the owner/admin there

    i beleive his name is aj

    i need to email him so he can lift my ban which was suppose to happen earlier,but still has not
    i have an add there ,i was selling corals from my tank
    and now i can not contact many of the members who have inquired to me about them

    could someone here ,who is also a member there,please link me his email address so i can email him....just email me please

    i have tried on numerous occasions to try and contact him through the other site to no evail.

    anyhelp would be greatly appriciated

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    pm sent, good luck.

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    Other: RODI, RDSB, PO4/AC reactor

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