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    Aptaisia...seen some...

    If you wer to go buy corals.
    At the "Fish store" you notice plenty of aptasia growing around in every tank.
    Is this a normal sight or does it mean somethin bad is goin on?
    Since im new to SW, i was just wondering, i know aptasia is everywhere but...
    lemme know :S

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    from time to time all store will have outbreaks of aptasia, it's almost unavoidable. most stores will deal ( or at least try to ) with them but with so many tanks its a pretty hard task.

    unfortunately, you can still bring home more than you bargain for from a store with no visible aptasia / problems in their tanks.

    this is why most people will recommend a QT period ( for almost everything ) or dip for new corals.


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    Aiptasia can be delt with in many ways.
    most stores usually dont have time to dip as stock comes in the door.
    so they threat after the fact ( sadly ) but joes juice, some nudibranch and copperbands, and some types of shrimps do it aiptasia.

    my personal favorite: copperband .. always worked for me.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
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    ya i just got rid of 2 small aiptasia that wer hitchhikin on a smal rock i bought.
    needle with super hot tap water mixed with lemmon juice.
    i shot the lil B@#%$.. even when it hid in the rock i followed him with the needle, spraying the inside, in everyhole i could find.
    then rinsed it in water, back to the trace yet, been 1 week

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    I've had success with peppermint shrimp... added 3 to a 26 gallon and two weeks later they were all gone. Must have had a good 15 of them. Joes juice would get rid of them but they would return a few weeks later (usually with a couple friends). I also try some gel paste that was a lot easier to apply but again they would return.


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