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    One more ID please :D

    Hello again
    this, i cannot get a pic.
    only come up at night and even with the red beam it still hides quickly.
    Ok...So when i shine the light on it... looks like a worm, about 1 inch long
    long tube, bi-color (black/grey) with a mouth.
    And it is retractable, seems to be fading into oblivion, cant even tell where it is when its gone.
    i got a few that i can see, seems to be some kind of worm.
    Closest match is a peanut worm, but mine looks like scale, telescopic, not fleshy...
    would like to get the name so i can read a bit on it.

    thanks again
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    Sorry wish i could erase this
    Doesnt match the pic of a peanut worm but match the description

    sorry again
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    sounds like regular bristle worms to me.
    they hide when you put a light on..

    something like this ? the pink could be grey depending on the light. and the sp. of the worm

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    from your description, i would have to say peanut............ does the mouth look vicious??

    see if you can find his hole????

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    Ya i cannot see the body of the worm only the inverts who, like a telescope go fetch n retracts.
    ya id say a vicious mouth, sorta, kinda small but as for the hole, it just disapear entirely thats why i had trouble associating it with the peanut.

    thx liv i got bristtle worm 2! hairy stuff, those "peanut" are more hard skin almost not worm like.
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