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    water evaporation

    i was just wondering if anybody knows when the water evaporates from my 30 gal tank does it release anything into the air, i know the salt doesnt evaporate. this may be a weird question but i have a macaw with some kind of a respiratory infection and it seems to be it's been ever since i started with a salt water aquarium.

    any kind of feed back is great!.
    Thank you!


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    unless you got something severely wrong with your system.. nothing dangerous.
    if system was severely sick, it could release sulfur hydroxide..

    but I bet its most likely due to raised humidity.

    EDIT: that should say "hydrogen sulfide" and it smells like rotten eggs.. ( horrible )

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    It shouldn't be from the tank. Check around your house for any molds. If it is caused by the extra humidity from the tank, you can get a dehumidifer to bring it back down. A 30g tank shouldn't raise himidity too much. It could just be coincedence with the time of season with people getting sick.
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    ok thank you! iv been checking everything. for mold and dust, i really dont want to get rid of my tank! but if it were causing any harm to my other pets than it would have to go.
    and for what Liv said if my tank were that sick to be giving off sulfer hydroxide there would be signes. right... all my corals and fish are doing great everything is eating fine. so i dont think it would be that.

    thanks again!
    if there is any more info let me know


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