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    Not new, well.. Sorta 29g Biocube help!

    It's been a great deal of time since I've posted.. Truth be told, we almost gave up on our 70g tank. Our lighting went all the hell, then our Fluval crapped out on us.. All our shrimps vanished and our *SallyL* was eaten by our brittle star.
    All I ever wanted was a 29g Biocube and now I have the opportunity financially to do so. I was wondering.. tomorrow, when I walk into the fish store to buy the tank - what else should I get to do this properly?

    What we have now is this (things we can/want to trasfer):
    78-80 pounds of cured Live Rock (obviously not all of it)
    1 medium Koralia Powerhead
    2 heaters
    digital thermometer
    2-3 inch thick live sand

    2 false percs
    1 blue cromies
    1 3 striped damsel
    1 brittle star
    1 flower anemone
    1 leather coral (doing exceptionally well I might add)
    2 torch corals (also kicking some ass)
    1 large group of star polyps
    1 large group of hairy mushrooms (clows have hosted)
    1 large group of orange and red button polyps
    1 amazingly resilient feather duster (our first purchase years ago)
    about 15 snails and hermits left

    What steps should be done when we want to move everything from the 70g to the 29g Biocube?

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    If the new tank is going in a different location than the current setup... I would add a new sandbed and use the water from your existing tank to fill the 29... move some of your rock from the old setup while your at it. Let things run and settle in your new tank for a few days then add the rest of your rock and livestock. This should reduce the chances of losing corals/fish during the transfer.

    Now would be a good time to get rid of those damsels... chances of you catching them once in your tank later on is slim to none.

    Hope this helps... keep us updated on your new setup.


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    Why would we want to get rid of our damsels? They have been with us for over 2 years? The 3 striped has become the "jail guard" of the tank and the blue one is more of a clown fish then our percs! Neither of them have caused us any problems. They seem to be a perfectly happy family!?!

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    Damsels are notorius bullys and will attack even kill other fish. Moving to a 29g tank will severly limit the teritory available compared to the 70 so agression may become more prevelent. As well in a 29 you will be limited on the # of fish so you want to consider exactly what fish you want before commiting to the damsels. I would keep the clowns, and ditch the damsels.
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    what colour is the brittle star??

    hows the water in the old tank???

    i have to agree with loosing the three stripe, they are mean, especially in a much smaller tank. i still have one but i wish i had just got rid when i moved the tank years back. i felt sorry for the little bugger because the tang was picking on him while waiting for the new tank to fill.

    i regret using all the old tank water but if yours is ok ( param wise ) then i say go for it. for me, i just transfered all the problems we had with the FOWLR - Reef conversion ( algae / bio balls / mechanical filtration / nitrates / etc... ). i got over them by learning / using all the 'new' methods i found on RC but could have saved myself a lot of time and agro by using new water and acclimating.

    keep us posted how you make out, we love pics :b2:

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