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    Metal stand, how to refinish?

    hello everyone, Just wondering if someone could give me some tips on fixing up a metal stand. I just picked up a 110 gallon tank with dual overflows and i'm eventually going to turn this into a nice saltwater setup.
    What is the best way to remove the surface rust on the metal stand due to salt damage and what is the best paint to apply to it once it's ready to be painted? (tremclad? )
    Hopefully you can see it on the bottom right side of the pic.
    thanks in advance all....
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    Just sanding with an electric sander then for the paint I'm not quite sure. I think the best would be epoxy paint or tremclad.
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    depending on how deep the rust is, usually sanding like bebitte70 said or you can try a rust remover like the TUX2 sold at rona. its an acid wash product.. does wonders on rust, but you gotta do this outside, the fumes are horrible.

    as for the paint, powder coating is best if you got a local place that can do it, else, tremclad or corrostop or epoxy paints are all good. I would again recommend you paint this outside or in a well ventilated area.

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    i agree, a sanding disk on a grinder ( or similar like wire brush etc.... ) to remove all the loose rust, then multiple coats of rust paint. ( powder coated / tremclad / marine epoxy / etc.... )

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