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    Hello From Kingston

    Hello all

    Cowboy Chris from Kingston Ontario and just starting back up after 15 years. I have a 33 gallon tank (38 if you do the math) and i am starting to build the stand. the last time i had a tank i used Blue gravel and fake plants, i want the real deal now lol...... i have a AquaClear 500 Filter with no media (i wanna make my own) big DIY Guy, and missing a heater (looking for 150 watts i think. any suggestions on substrate for basic real plants, and anything else you can think of is COOL!!, i will post my steps as best i can when i can.


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    Welcome to Aquaria great place to be in great people me a favor not sure about others but can you change your fonts color red is hard to read not sure if anyone else has that problem....and oh ya good luck with the tank:b15:

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