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    Bottled Water vs. Dechlorinated Tap Water

    Hi, I was curious what differences/advantages are gained in terms of water parameters by using bottled water or RO/DI over simply tap water with a water conditioner such as Tetra Aquasafe ? Thank you!

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    rodi will remove alot more then the Tetra Aquasafe would ever do.
    the Tetra Aquasafe really nukes the chlorine and its many other forms as well as some heavy metals, but would not do anything with phosphates and any other pollutants in your water.

    as for bottled water.. be careful, lots of it is "spring water" which is usually not filtered at all. either get it distilled or rodi.

    also depends on the size of your tank. if your running a 5g nano. the 18L jugs would be your cheapest option by far. but larger setups will benefit from an rodi. my previous tank was a 400g .. and it drank between 5-8gallons in evap a day with the halides on.. so an 18L would last a few days only.. thats probebly 5-8$ a week on bottled water.. calculate it at 5$ thats 20$ a month, thats 240$ in a year. a regular rodi kit sells for ~100-150$ when on sale at our sponsors stores.. and last many many years.

    hope this helps.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    bottled water depending on who you are buying it from is a joke sometimes... sometimes worse then tap water..

    If your funds are making the decision, then wait and save some money and make the right decision and buy a RO system or RO/DI.. you will not regret anything!

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