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    New pair of clowns

    A little history...tank is about 6 months old, 29 gallon. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates. All I have had in the tank, up until today was a yellow tail damsel and a yellow clown goby. I know the damsel's are aggressive, but he seemed to do very well with the goby. Anyways today I went to grab a clown, and I ended up getting a mated pair. The plan is if the damsel is too aggressive I will bring him back. The clowns have been in the water for about an hour now and the damsel isn't chasing them, he just has his spine up around them, almost like he is watching them closely. Will this be a problem for the clowns? will this stress them out?
    29 gallon
    -1 yellow tail damsel
    -1 yellow clown goby
    - mated pair of clowns

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    Damsels have the shitsu problem where they think they are great danes.. or great white sharks attitude... they will usually harass animals which are bigger.. like tangs etc.. specially if they are the same color as it is.

    I bet they'll be just fine

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    I agree,
    Clowns can be pretty aggresive too, especially Saddlebacks or Maroons. A mated pair of clowns will teach the Damsel who's boss in no time.

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    i agree, should be ok but only time will tell. the aggression you have seen is normal territorial posturing, once new boundaries are set, they should be fine.

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