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    So I went to work and I guess my protein skimmer overflowed dripping on my power bar which then shorted...Came home and the temp was at 72 F...I usually keep it at 79. I have 2 clowns, a damsel and a clown goby...will they be ok?? I'm guessing the temp dropped down to 72 over a few hours...I've been gone for 7 hours. I put food in but the clowns are swimming near the top and won't touch the food.
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    72f is fine... and they should survive just fine.

    but they might be missing oxygen.
    get those pumps running asap to circulate that water.

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    i agree, if the pumps and skimmer stopped and they're swimming at the surface, they need more oxygen. the temperature change isn't ideal but if your fish are in good health / not stressed ,they should be able to handle it.

    good luck

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