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    Platinum Clownfish

    I was into a store last night that sold these almost all white looking Clownfish. I have never seen them before and was amazed that they were $399.00. I asked the workers there about them and they said that they were very rare and were produced by selective breeding of clowns that have taken many generations to create...I think personally that they are the ugliest clownfish I've ever seen. Why would anyone want a white bloatchy clownfish? I googled them and found a bit of info but I was just wondering if anyone has tried selective breeding before.

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    thats how they do all the other mixes, like the dark clowns like darwins etc. they are all selective breedings.
    I agree too.. I do not particularly like their color.. not my cup of tea.. but to each his own.. I'm sure someone out there loves his platinum clownfishies :b2:

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    For many its as much about having something unique as is their actual looks. At 399 they have already dropped in price from their original offerings and once a few more arrive in tanks and start breeding the will drop even further. Black percs when they first arrive from Australia were up there as well, but now with captive breeding they are only slight more then standard percs.
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