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Thread: Glass Cleaner

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    Glass Cleaner

    I am new to the forum and to saltwater aquariums , I was just wondering what to use to clean the outside of the glass. The aquarium is an Oceanic 29gal Bioqube. What do you use????

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    vinegar on scott towels does wonders

    or spray windex on the scott towels quite a few feet away from the tank.

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    i do the same, wipe it down with water or vinegar and a paper towel, then if needed i use a little windex sprayed on a paper towel ( gently, in another room ) and clean my hands very thoroughly ( windex contains ammonia ) before doing anything else to the tank.

    i also have some stuff for cleaning tinted windows, made by "simple green". it says it's non-toxic and biodegradable but i would still be very cautious spraying it around the tank and always clean your hands well after.


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    Thanx to both of you for your input.

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    White vinegar and water with unbleached recycled paper towel. You can't go wrong with vinegar. I use a micro fibre towel to buff the glass once it is clean.

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    Thanx for the info I like the vinegar idea and i have the micro fiber towels. you have all been a great help.

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