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    What type of Skimmers is everyone running?

    Getting my 75g tank setup here and am looking for a decent skimmer that is easy to clean, use and is affordable.

    My two options right now are the CoralLife Super Skimmer 125 or the Octopus DNW 150 (on sale right now)

    I have heard mixed reviews about the CoralLife but thought I would see what everyone else is uing and what they have had luck running that is relatively in the same price range as these ones...


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    I think in general you will find many long time users of Octopus skimmers who would reccomend them and purchase another... CoralLife on the other hand I think you will find it hard to find many who would reccomend or repurchase. IMHO, most people buy a CoralLife as a started skimmer and replace it within the 1'st year or less.

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    Thanks. The guy I was dealing with is trying reassure me that the CoralLife is the way to go but there are certainly mixed reviews out there... People seem to love it or hate it.

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    you get what you pay for...

    skimmers are a big investment in the hobby.. like in everything there is cheapeas and top of the line. you got to find the best one you can afford. one of the best investments you can make. just like lighting and pumps etc.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
    updated: 2011/05/30

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    5 years ago, I bought an AquaC Remora Pro. I thought it was super expensive for my very limited media monitor budget, but I've read so many good reviews that I said to myself "Hey, why not!"
    5 years later, it's still running like a charm! It was worth every penny!
    But... it's a little hard to clean.

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    I started off with a seaclone 150, thought hey this works well, thought nothing of it, then as the year went by I started hearing reviews on it and lots of bad things (the superskimmer is still a step up from what I had) so I finally bit the bullet and went out an purchased an octopus bh-100 and I put it on, and was like okay, seemed a bit more complicated then the one I had, getting it started took me a bit because I couldn't remember what the dude told me on how to get it primed, but eventually got it working. Started producing skimate after about an hour. I was like okay didn't seem to be any more efficiant then my seaclone, I was not impressed. My seaclone always produced brown skimate did it's job. Then about 3 days later I guess the skimmer ``broke in`` and wow what a difference, my skimate went from coffee colored to esspresso, and the stench that came out was OMG I wanted to throw up, I was not used to this. So I was extremely happy. I have since sold that tank, and have just started a new one. I went again with an octopus. I like this model because there is no pump in the tank, as my tank is not drilled I use an HOB so that`s my 2 cents

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    I just picked up a Bubble Magus NAC6a and it is great. Very easy to tune. It is a bit overkill for my tank but, thanks ok. I just setup a 30 gallon br with a 20 gal sump and it will be 100% NPS system. Still cycling.
    30 Gallon Breeder Driiled
    20 Gallon Sump
    Bubble Magus NAC6A skimmer
    2 -Vortech MP10 ES
    Quite one 3000 return
    40 lbs of LS
    60 lbs of LR

    100% NPS

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    Given the two choices you list I would pick the octopus over coralife...never heard great raves about their skimmers. As mentioned don't skimp on the skimmer. I use a Deltec MCE600 on my 70 gal and love it. Their are many choices for quality skimmers. You have two thumbs up for octopus in this thread. Check reefcentral do see if positive reviews are there as well and that should give you confidence in your purchase. Also consider after sales support/parts.

    Good luck.

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    go with octopus bh1000 you will love it.
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    Getting Closer now!!

    All right... I have narrowed my choices down to the following skimmers.

    - Octopus Extreme 160
    - Vertex in sump 100, generation 2
    - MRC Ocean Force 200

    Main reason for my picks are the footprint since I will have limited space in my sump. Both the Vertex and Octopus are 8" x 10" prints which will be fine. I am also kind of limited in the height of my sump. I will only be able to have approx 6" submersion for these units which is the minimum for both of these skimmers. I was told that the Octopus should have an 8" - 10" submersion to run at the ideal efficiency which I definitely won't be able to achieve since I need enough space in my sump in case the power goes out and I have some backflow.

    Anyone running a Vertex skimmer or MRC Ocean Force? The Vertex looks a little better in quality but what do I know...hehehe... All costs of these units are about the same.



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