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    Time for Lighting

    Hello everyone,

    It is time for me to purchase some lighting for my 75g tank. I will be going with a T5 setup and would like enough lighting for a reef setup. A few questions though:

    1) Is a splash guard a good option to get or is it not recommended for a reef setup because it may affect the lighting quality for corals?

    2) Is a 4 bulb 54watt x 48" T-5 fixture enough to run a reef setup or should I step up to a 6 bulb fixture?

    3) Is there a specific bulb manufacturer and lighting combinations that you have had success with?

    4) I am looking at both the Sunlight Tek Light series and the Coralvue T5 / LED combination light. Anyone running either of these units and what are your opinions?

    Thanks everyone!

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    I would go with a 6 light over a 4 light unit. Not that much more $ .

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    as many t5's as you can fit. 6 or even 8 would be great.
    the more, the easier it is to dial your own color.. add tons of actinics.. while still providing those red hues with those special bulbs from ati.
    so the tank can glow like insane.

    moving.. so temporarily out of SW :b8:
    planning next tank, possibly 60x30x20 on 2x plasma.
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    How long do these lights tend to last for out of curiousity? They are quite expensive per piece!

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    It will depend on the corals you want to keep. You can go with 6-8. I would mix bulds, the Fiji purple and actinitic combo is amazing. I have this on my tank and love it. More of a deep water thing, as I have a NPS tank and don't require any light, just for The bulbs normally last about 6-8 months and the hue will change and you have to change them or it may cause an algae bloom.There are sever types of bulbs and combinations you can use. ATI, Giesemann, korallenzucht-Fiji purple, Coralife, etc. You will need to figure out the lok you would like to have and then start mixing bulbs to find the perfect combo. Keep looking on the net to see with bulbs other reef keeper have to see what you want.

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    There is a wide variety when it comes to quality/quantity of light coming from T-5 fixtures. Issues like individual vs a single reflector, reflector design, active cooling all impact the the quality of light. The T5 lighting thread by Grim Reefer on Reef Central is a great place to learn more about the various fixtures and bulb combinations.

    Is a splash shield required? I'd say yes. You are not only protecting the electrical connections, but the reflector as well. It doesn't take much to wipe the shield clean.

    I have a 4-bulb ATI Sunpower on my 75G and am extremely happy with it. Is it enough light? Yes, but a 6 bulb would be even better. However, I got the fixture used but almost new at a price that was too good to refuse.

    If I was more skilled in the DIY department, I would go to RapidLed and buy one of the 48-bulb kits and build myself an LED fixture. Unfortunately, I'm all thumbs and have no soldering/electrical skills.

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