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    Scrubbing live rock

    I've posted recently on our 15 gallon tank. The clown fish is back to eating and everything is back to normal it seems.

    I've taken over tank maintenance. Man that clown fish packs a big bite for a small fish!

    There were three small live rock chunks that were fairly covered in red bubble algae. I was going to take them out and scrub them to death but the algae just doesn't scrub off easily. There is 17lbs of live rock in this tank. I can just replace it with DIY live rock (if its still sold in Ottawa) or is there a way that I can make sure the algae is completely killed on this rock and just put it back in the tank?

    I'm still fighting diatoms in the tank. Not sure why. I think the replacement light I was sent is faulty in some way. If I can get rid of the bubble algae I would upgrade my tank and lighting.

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    you could dipp the rock in vinegar for a few days then scrub and wash in water and leave out in the sun to dry for a few days.

    but odds are.. algea is still in your tank.. so it will come back.
    you must get to the source of your problem.. and the rocks are not the awnser.

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    i agree, replacing all the rock will not guarantee you get all the bubble algae. also this would remove a very large portion of your biological filter and could lead to tank crash. the old rock has been cured and cycled in the tank while new rock has not and DIY rock will also usually require a much longer cure time to prevent leaching ( depending on source ).

    if it's only three small rock, i would either remove them ( and let them dry out ) or remove each one and scrub them in a container full of tank water, keeping them submerged as much as possible. then thoroughly rinse them in another container of tank water before returning the rock to the tank.

    as your going to be using up some tank water for this, have a water change prepared to top the tank back up.


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    How's the flow in the tank? Indeed, the lighting could also be a cause. What are your phosphates and nitrates readings at? There's really no manually trying to remove this algae, it's got to die off on its own. I once went threw all the stages of different algae from brown, red, hair, etc... I think it took a good 6 months until it was totally gone.
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    less light helps a lot. you can have cloudy days with not light! less feeding and if you can use a canister filter that polishes the water. it will remove algae

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