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    1 coral and 1 invert for ID

    I have 2 more for you...1 coral and one invert...

    thinking it's a pink frogspawn

    no idea on the has 5 legs as shown...I have barely seen it...last night it moved into this hole in the rock...

    thanks alot!
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 1 coral and 1 invert for ID-img_0147small.jpg   1 coral and 1 invert for ID-img_0148small.jpg  

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    first one looks more like a rose bubble tip anemone ( RBTA ) to me, can you post another couple pics from a different angle??

    the second one looks like the arm of a brittle sea star, and the description of 5 arms and hides during the day fits that.

    you could try feeding both a nice piece of meaty food ( i like krill but shrimp / silversides or other will be fine ). for the anemone just touch the food to the tentacle and it should stick, the anemone should then move the food along to the mouth. for the star do the same or just hold it close and he will reach out and grab it but use a much smaller piece than for the anemone. i am comfortable hand feeding my anemones and stars but you may wish to use a pair of SS tongs or similar.


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    I agree with a4twenty on the ID and how to feed.
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    Thanks for your help!

    I've concluded through yourselves and a couple other resources that it is a pink/rose bubble anemone and a brittle sea star.

    Thanks again,


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