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    Starting new set up, question about live rock

    I am starting a new 120 gallon tank. I have had fw before but never a sw tank. The person I bought the tank from had live rock in it. Now that the rock has been out of water I assume everything on it has died. Should I summerse the rock in fresh water to kill off anything that may still be livingand clean all the stuff off it. I am planning to cycle my tank for atleast 3 weeks and hope in this time the rock will become live again. ( I will also add 5-6 pnds of live rock I buy) in total there is probably 90 lbs of rock. also when I took the rocks from his tank I could see these tiny white worm looking creatures on the rocks and bio balls, are these good to have? there were also some reg. looking worm things on there. I am very new to this and apologise if these are basic questions.

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    Hi there
    Your correct in that you should remove any dead stuff that you can. It may take you longer than 3 weeks too cycle. But mixing in live rock will help. Get yourself a good test kit, and watch the cycle happen until levels are safe. As for the worms if they have been out of the water for a while , they are most likely dead. ps. no one uses bio balls anymore.
    Enjoy and don't rush it..

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